Meet the Artist

Sai Kung old town harbour ...

One of my favourite 'watching spots'

Hi, I'm Keith !

I first moved to Hong Kong from the UK with my family for 5 years in 1997, working in Project & Construction Management across various parts of Asia Pacific, including living in Singapore & Thailand, before moving back to Hong Kong in 2013. This time we picked Sai Kung to live. We loved the abundance of friendly people, the sights & sounds … & the wildlife.

My background is in architecture, so with the inspiring subject matter all around me I picked up my pens & watercolours after a 25 year break, to capture images of the village vernacular’ of ‘the Kung’, and of course other little gems around Hong Kong.

I hope you enjoy my pictures, & if you make a purchase they keep memories of this extraordinary melting pot of a community alive for years to come, no matter what ‘progress’ may throw at Hong Kong.

In my How's it Done? page I explain a bit about how I produce the artwork. Just my own technique. It might not be how others do it, but it works for me, and there's one thing for sure ... it's going to change & keep changing.

That's the fun of it ....

If you have any questions, or even suggestions for subjects, please email me on

I also consider select requests for commissions