How To Buy

Due to uncertain Postage & Shipping I can't arrange delivery in Hong Kong or Internationally at the Moment

Collection only in Sai Kung

How To Order

View the pictures in the The Gallery.

Then either email or private Message the image number & quantity you would like via the links in the footer.

  • I'll acknowledge your order request, confirm the total cost, & give you payment details usually by end of the working day.

  • When payment is received, I'll confirm back, and print, frame, wrap ready for collection.

  • I'll keep you informed all along the way, & let you know when they are ready for collection.

Payment is by HSBC Payme or FPS (in HK) or Cash on Collection. I can't take PayPal / Alipay / credit / debit cards.

All my work comes as high resolution pre-framed prints

I try to keep things really simple with standard frame styles, two standard sizes, & two standard prices.

Small frame Type A - HKD250 each

Large frame Type B - HKD300 each

All plus packing & postage. Details below.

Sorry, I don't sell digital soft copies, or unframed prints.

Sai Kung area customers

If you live or work in or around Sai Kung, or are planning a visit, I can arrange collection by meeting in Sai Kung, subject to agreeing a time that works for both of us (Under the sign at Starbucks is the location of choice !).

If it's a gift you left to the last minute, let me know & we'll see what magic we can work !!

Sorry Only Frame Type A available right now

I have no stock of Type B larger sized frames

Frame Details

Frame Type A is approximately A5 size overall, with a postcard sized print - Great as a small freestanding furniture piece or a handy size gift.

Frame Type B is approximately A4 size overall, with a print that fills the frame to about 85% of A4 - More suited to wall hanging.

Frames are in Birch colour woodgrain effect, with bevel edged card border, safety thermoplastic pane (not glass), white plastic recess, & a black hardboard back with standup leg & wall hanging clips.

They are all printed & framed to order, and come with a personally signed label on the back, & my own little story about the subject ...

Packing & Postage (Temporarily Unavailable)

I can pack & post to anywhere HK Post or SF Express will deliver in Hong Kong. The costs to add are ;-

Pictures of any size to HK address

1 - HK$40

2 - HK$50

3 - HK$60

4 - HK$80

5 - HK$100

Above 5 pictures to be advised at time of inquiry as options vary.

You will be given the tracking details. Most HK deliveries will be within 1 -3 working days of shipping (not order).

There are some conditions on deliveries at the bottom of this page.

I can also ship around the world with HK Speedpost & SF Express.

Overseas pricing is based on their calculators using weight & packaging requirements. So drop me a line & we'll work out a cost effective solution.

Shipping Weights, Sizes & Volumes

If you want to order pictures for you to post on somewhere else, the bare weights & sizes of each framed picture type, without any additional protection or packaging are ...

Frame Type A - 0.27kg Length 20cm x Width 15cm x Depth 3cm (Approx. A5) Volume 0.8 L

Frame Type B - 0.5kg Length 32cm x Width 23cm x Depth 3cm (Slightly bigger than A4) Volume 2.1 L

After Purchase

All prints & paper will naturally fade & yellow slightly over time. To reduce this, try and place the print out of direct sunlight.

Keep the print & frame away from moisture or excessively humid environments.

Type A (Small frames) - Wall hanging

The print is initially orientated in the frame so it can be freestanding using the hinged leg on the back - They are small & neat and ideal for bookshelves & side tables. Pull the leg out gently & enjoy !

But if you want to wall mount your Type A print using a nail or hanging hook, you may need to remove the back board & rotate it so the wall hanging point is at the top. If you need to :-

•Place the frame face down on a clean protected surface. Using a thin flat blade screwdriver or similar (not a sharp knife ... that's just asking for trouble folks), gently lift up & bend back the 4 black metal tabs around the edge of the frame, enough to allow the back board to be removed. Be Careful – the edges of the metal tabs can be quite sharp.

•Lift out the back board only & rotate it by 180 degrees, so the nail hanging point will be at the top. Drop the board back in to the frame & gently bend the tabs back down to hold the back board tight, again being careful of those pesky sharp edges.


The frames are intended to fit flat to the wall, directly to a nail or hook. So use the right length of nail or thickness of hook. Don’t try & bend the nail hanging points on the back board – They are strong enough to hold the weight of the picture but may pull out of the backboard if you try to twist or bend them.

If when hanging the frame it won’t quite sit level, put a small piece of thin stationary double sided tape behind the bottom rail to hold it better.

Use common sense whether a picture is too heavy to hang on a particular wall material, & how strong the fixing will be to carry the weight of the frame. That's beyond our control, so you're on your own ;-)


It's hard not to sound patronising because it's so obvious, but don't spray aerosol or pumped liquid cleaners anywhere on or around the frame. It will soak into the back board, and the frame, and the print - None of which have any resistance against liquids.

The 'glass' pane is made of thermoplastic which is a relatively soft & quite easily scratched by using the wrong technique or materials. It should only be dusted with a very soft microfibre cloth, if necessary damped (yes, only damp, not dripping ...) with a water based light detergent surface cleaner.

Do not use anything with solvents or cleaners with abrasive properties (those that dry to a powder, like 'Cif').

There we go again ... like you needed to be told how to clean a picture ...

If you have any questions, or are in any doubt ... about anything ... please message me ...​