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A variety of architectural & street scene styles, all available to purchase as framed prints, delivered to your door.

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All pictures come with a personally signed label, & my own little personal story about the subject

# 1. The Temple Store

#2. Sai Kung Tin Hau Temple

# 3. Yim Tin Tsai

#4. Sampan

#6. Keung Kee Store

# 7. Nam Shan House

#9. See Cheung Street

# 10. Junk

#11. Sai Kung's own "Harrods"

# 12. Old Waterfront

#15. Joe Bananas, Wanchai

Portrait Format

# 8. Bacco

#13. 60, Hollywood Road

# 14. See Cheung St. Shophouse

The Impostors

(The 'Not in Hong Kong' ones ... )

#16. Keong Saik Road Road, Singapore

For a dear friend of mines 'milestone' birthday, as a memento of her & her family's many happy years in Singapore, as they relocate back to Australia at the end of 2021

#17. No.5, Emerald Hill, Singapore

A well used watering hole over the years by the staff of the nearby Chatsworth School campus.

This fine establishment in a heritage shophouse, the bar of choice for essential post classroom debriefing & stress reduction, was eventually (or inevitably perhaps ...) included within the radius of the NDZ (No Drinking Zone) by management decree.

But rules were made to be broken ...

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