Just for Fun !

Some extra bits, & some little Tips ...

Want to know what the baseline sketch looks like ...

Here's a few examples - before I got the Brushes out

( Spot the odd one out ... !! )

These make great 'colouring in' practice pieces (my wife is pretty good ;-)

Some 'Non-Hong Kong' pieces to browse ...

Done as gifts to friends & family, or because it was Sunday ... & it was raining ...

If you desperately want to know where the lighthouse is ... have a surf around the map below

The principle of "Enjoying Doing Art "

I do a little bit of coaching.

I suggest students try & have a framework to enjoy their work, regardless of success or failures.

This little workflow shows the principles I work to, for others to follow, to help them get the most out of what they set out to do ... and don't give up.

But this is just me ...

Putting Things in Perspective ... !

The further things are from the eye, the smaller they get ...

And that's what creates perspective. It's that simple.

To make things look real, they need to reflect reality.

So you need to have a grip on how perspective works so the finished product looks like the human eye would expect it to.

Setting a sketch up to respect that principle is important, but there's some easy rules to follow.

These 2 'perfect' examples show how the principles can be applied.

Know your eye level, know a few lines on the subject that are parallel off into the distance, & bingo ... you've set your basic Vanishing Points, from which (almost ...) all lines radiate from.

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Promoting the artwork, with the watermark intact, for others to get in touch & order for their own enjoyment is OK.

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